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Did they break the law by submitting me?

By madisgp ·
I recently got a call from an old buddie that is working in tech support for a major company. His company is hireing and he wanted to let me know about it. He put me in touch with his recruiting agency and even put in a good word with his boss. I have been out of work for about 6 weeks due to a layoff. The job sounded great and the money was very good. My friend really loves it there and knew I would too.

His agancy worked with me to get me ready for an interview. They tested me and helped me redo my resume. I was very happy with the way they made me feel. They coached me on what to expect in the interview and explained the job completly. I knew I could ace the interview and get the job.

When they submitted my resume to the company they were told that I had already been submitted about a month earlier by another agency. Aparently some agency took my resume off a job board and just sent it in without me knowing about it. According to the companies rules I can't be re-submitted for 6 months.

My friends agancy had me sign an agreement that allowed them to represent me to this company, which is required by the company. This "other" agancy just sent my resume in without ever even contacting me. Is that legal? I don't understand how they could represent me without me knowing about it at all. Can I sue these guys? They made sure I wouldn't get this job.

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by lance.gillis In reply to Did they break the law by ...

I don't know if they broke any law, but that won't help you get the job. If I were you I would contact HR directly and explain that you did not submit the resume nor did any "authorized agent". You have no idea who those people are but you are being "presented and represented" by (new agency). Ask for a little understanding about how some pond scum agencies work. "Ms. HR, have you ever encountered an agency that had no integrity before?" (Be ready for some good stories). Ask to please be considered for an interview because you understand what a great place it is to work and their are soooo many good, compasionate people there and I am humbly qualified.(you get the idea). Be brave. don't let some jerk agency sink your boat! You're to good for that type of injustice.

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