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Did you ever have one of those days?

By GSG ·
Working in IT, we've all had those "Ah Ha!" moments where you pulled a solution out of nowhere and was a hero at that moment, even if it was in your own mind.

Conversely, have you ever had one of those days that made you wonder why you ever chose to be in IT? A day where you wonder just what God of the perverse you pissed off? Because, you know, nothing is going right, and you can't seem to fix a simple problem that you are convinced a monkey could fix.

Well, I've been working all day on a seemingly simple task. Import a report, and run some rules on it. If condition A exists, then file it. If condition B exists, then file it, and do task B. I've done this many times before, and for the love of God and all that's holy in this world, I cannot make it work this time.

Please, share your pain so that I know I'm not alone.

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I'm currently fighting with SQL and some Knowledge Management Issues

by jmgarvin In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

grrrr...You set these things up a million times, but all of a sudden, nothing quite works right and you've done something wrong SOMEWHERE, but who knows where...

Bah....It's Monday and I need a a beer ;-)

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I have those every day

by jck In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

I wonder daily what I'm still doing in IT.

That's why I'm considering going back to school and doing legal, medical, or physics.

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Take a step back

by mjd420nova In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

I can surely sympathize with you in this case and have pulled fist-fulls of hair over many projects that have been at logger-heads over what should have been a simple project. I often find that I need to step back, take a break, maybe even find another job to do for a day or so to get a fresh approach before coming back to it and trying again. In a lot of cases, a simple back to square one will resolve the problem, maybe rewritting the lines of code and trying again reveals a missed comma, slash, or decimal place that just got glossed over before. I've even had others take a look at what bugs you, often all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to look at the problem from a slightly different angle to show where you went wrong. Too often I will have a problem that bugs me to the extent that I'll dream about it and even solve it in my dreams, return to the project and go right to the problem and reach a resolution. No, you are not alone.

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Mental Vacation

by GSG In reply to Take a step back

I've decided to take a mental vacation from this today. I have other things to work on, and I just can't face the frustration.

Hopefully, I'll have one of those "Ah-Ha" moments and I'll get it figured out.

At least, today can't be much worse than yesterday!

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Pay attention to what's in your head....

by seanferd In reply to Mental Vacation

Two minutes after you leave the building. The answer will pop right into your head as soon as your brain realizes that you are no longer at work.

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by The Scummy One In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

I have also had those Oh SHHHHHit days, when I realize that I made a massive mistake, just micro moments after its too late....

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Most defiantly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

My bugbear application is Norton's Internet Security no matter what I do I can never get to to work right well in a way that I'm happy with at least.

I find that if I sleep on a major problem I wake up with a solution well to everything but Norton's Internet Security at least.


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Oh, I have had nearly a month of that.

by faradhi In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

I have been messing with a busted tape library for a month now. Library manufacture blames the bus. I replace everything on the bus and they still balk (although send replacements) The replacements don't work (diffrent errors) and the drive manufacture again blames the bus.

Happy days.

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I'm so blessed...

by Jessie In reply to Did you ever have one of ... to be a skilled repressor of all things depressing... so I cannot help you as I do not remember ever having a bad day at work... though there seem to be entire months missing from memory.

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you are definatley not alone!

by Shellbot In reply to Did you ever have one of ...

Best thing to do is get away form it for a bit, or have someone else have a quick look.

I spent an entire morning last week trying to return a value from a SelectBox..i looked at it a hundred times..i triple checked..couldn't use debugger (long story)..was tearing out my hair and saying "for the love of all that is holy....", finally sent it for soemone else to loko at it..forgot to give the Select Input a name...I'm such a frigging idiot some days

Today..importing spreadsheets into SQL..won't take the values form one column... will take all the other columns..i was in a fit before I thought of saving the .xls as a .csv..did works.. I dunno...I don't just happy days..

Gotta love it though don't ya??? :) ]:)

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