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Difference b/w SAP and ERP

By lakshman.rao ·
Can anybody explain about SAP and ERP? What is the major difference b/w these two? It would be very helpful if explained about workflow also..


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Difference b/w SAP and ERP

by 20 + years still In reply to Difference b/w SAP and ER ...

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)software tool. It is used to "efficiently" manage workflow by removing human intervention wherever possible to increase the efficency of the work flow. An example would be to make sure inventory in a manufacturing environment is available for the next step in a process after the previous step has completed. Previous to this approach a part shortage might not become apparent until the product hit the next stage of production. If that is the case you have resource time wasted, both in people and the use of the manufacturing line. With ERP you may schedule an alternative run for another product for which you have all needed components avoiding the wasted production time. Workflow is composed of the processes needed to create a product or service. Think what happens after an order is placed for a product, the next step may be to check inventory or to schedule a production run for the product. Each step of production through shipping is part of the workflow.

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