Difference between a Cisco and Linksys Managed Switch

By erilaurence ·
What is the difference between a cisco and a linksys managed switch? how come linksys managed switches are so cheap?

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Cisco = lots of $$ Linksys = cheap

by CG IT In reply to Difference between a Cisc ...

Because Cisco, is like the energizer bunny. Their stuff keeps going and going and going.

Linksys stuff might break after a couple of years.

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You get what you pay for.....

by robo_dev In reply to Cisco = lots of $$ Links ...

Cisco has more features, and their advertised features tend to work as advertised.

They have real tech support who actually know their products, and the hardware is well tested and well made, so it's less likely to fail.

Consumer-grade gear is cheaper since they use cheaper components, do virtually no QA, and typically have a small support staff who is, at best, a bunch of script-readers at a call center far, far, away.

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So I guess....

by erilaurence In reply to You get what you pay for. ...

the brand "Linksys by Cisco" probably means the same as "DLink by Cisco" or "Belkin by Cisco" or "INSERT-COSUMER-GRADE BRAND-HERE by Cisco" for that matter?

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Yep Pretty much

by CG IT In reply to So I guess....

consumer brands just are not on the same level and business brands which is why business brands cost more.

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Not really....

by robo_dev In reply to So I guess....

when a company like Cisco buys a consumer-grade manufacturer, they don't really change much.

In order to be able to sell a router for $49.95, there is no way to have a staff of 500 support people, have a software development staff of several thousand, and burn-in each piece of gear for several hours.

The cheap gear is cheap because they have to cut corners....cheaper components, fewer support staff, less testing, etc.

Forgive me for saying 'lipstick on a pig'.....

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