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difference between automation and manual testing ?

By sunil.tech ·
what difference between Automation and Manual testing when there is so much pre-configuration should be done before the actual script should commence ?

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Two major boons

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to difference between automa ...

First of all it's planned, stuff won't get missed or skipped.
Second once set up, it should be fast enough to do regularly.

Regression testing for instance.
There you are with your app with it's new bit of functionality, which affects screen 6 and reports 7 & 8.
The changes you are going to make should change nothing else.
So as you do them you run your automation and test that, instead of crossing youir fingers and hoping the devs are got it right.

Another use is confirming the main cases with a switf sanity check automation, and then dealing with edge cases in more detailed fashion.

Another is say an environmental change, does youitr stuff still work with .net 4, a different browser, 64 bit windows XXX.

Just like unit testimg the more test coverage you have the more confident youi can be.

Yes automation takes a while to set up and it's quite expensive to maintain, but so does manual if you are going to do it properly.

Probably the biggest change, is when you find (or possibly refind) a whole load of bugs you didn't know you had or deffered, and they get right in your face again.

NB writing UI to automation test does require developer discipline. Giving components useful names, not just wacking in non-standard stuff and so forth.

Before you go out and spend a lot of money on some software to do it, check stuff out. Turning on speech recognition in the OS a good way. If you can't talk your way through the app, automation is going to run from painful to impractical.

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