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Difference between Network ID and Subnet ID?

By JarrydRSA ·
Hi there, I'm busy studying for my CCNET and CCNA and after learning how to subnet etc I did some test questionaires. I came across this question and I don't know what the difference or how to tell the difference in the context of this question, any help would be greatly appreciated:

1.which of the following statements would best describe the following IP address and subnet mask
a. the correct network ID is and broadcast address is
b. is the correct network ID and broadcast address is
c. the correct subnet ID is and broadcast address is is the correct network ID and the broadcast address is

Now I chose C after my calculations of working out in binary but the site says the correct answer is B, now I did try google the difference and some people say there is no difference so am I missing something or does this question then have 2 possible answers. (I also might be and idiot and misunderstood something long the way of my studying).

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From the Cisco perspective

by robo_dev In reply to Difference between Networ ...

However, with the introduction of Subnet Addressing, a new division is introduced which divides an IP Address into 3 parts-:

The Network ID (netid)
The Host ID (hostid)
The Subnet ID (subnetid)

For Class B, after subnetting it the IP Address would typically look as follows:

First 16 bits -------Network ID
Next 8 bits----------Subnet ID
Next 8 bits----------Host ID
IP Address:
Class of Addressing: Class B

Network I 203.94
Subnet I 253
Host I 183

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