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Difference between restart and shut down

By rohitkar ·
What is the basic difference between REstarting
a computer system and Shutting Down it.
there seems to be a lot of it. please explain in detail .thanks

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Difference between restart and shut down

by TheChas In reply to Difference between restar ...

Re-setting a system, does exactly that. It resets the memory, CPU, and other devices and interupt flags.

"Theoretically", this places the computer in a fresh just started condition.
I say "theoretically", because there may be some stray bits inmemory and interupts that do not get "fully" reset.

There was a Q&A post several months ago where it was concluded that not all PCs fully clear memory when you re-start without going through a full shutdown.

A shut down on the other hand, removes power from the active devices in the PC. You have turned off, or shut down the computer.

I have 1 PC that goes into a power supply error mode if I perform a restart. But is fine if I shut down and re-boot.

Note: for most ATX systems, some 5Volt DC power is always on the motherboard. At a minimum, the circuit that enables the power supply to start is always on. For some PCs, (wake on LAN, wake on Ring, wake on keyboard) much of the motherboard has some power. Unless, the power cord is unplugged, or the AC line switch on the power supply is switched off.


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