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    Difference of Samsung & Kingston DDR RAM


    by ferhad_khanzada ·

    I want to switch over DDR RAM and bit confused about Vendor selection please guide me to whom I chose Samsung or Kingston. I’ll appreciate if you please detailed specifications and comparison.

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      Difference of Samsung & Kingston DDR RAM

      by thechas ·

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      You say you want to switch to DDR RAM.
      First, your motherboard must support DDR RAM.
      Some Pentium 4 boards, and the majority of Socket A (Athlon) motherboards support DDR RAM.

      If you have one of the socket A motherboards that supports both SDRAM and DDR RAM, you will need to remove the SDRAM when you switch to DDR RAM.

      As to brand, I generally prefer to stick with the major suppliers:
      Apacer, Crucial, Kingston, PNY

      Kingston and PNY do NOT make their own RAM chips.
      You can buy the same part number RAM module in different stores, and have different manufactures RAM chips on each module.

      I am not sure that Samsung actually assembles RAM modules. They may just make RAM ICs.
      I have seen Samsung chips on several different brandsof RAM modules.

      The critical thing for even DDR RAM, is that the modules be compatible with your motherboard.
      Check the motherboard manual, or manufactures web site for the required RAM specifications.
      Speed, Size, Density, and Cas Latency are all parameters to verify.
      Some motherboards accept more RAM if you use registered DIMMs as opposed to standard DIMMs.


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      Difference of Samsung & Kingston DDR RAM

      by wlbowers ·

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      Samsung is a major in memory and LCD screens. They do a lot of oem work. They do screens for dell.

      Kingston has been top ram for many years.

      Don’t forget about Micron.

      The suggestion of making sure your motherboard has all of its wants and needs filled are excellent.

      I would be just as concerned about the vendor I buy from. Lifetime warranty is a standard now so make sure your seller is not working out of his car trunk.

      Go to this site, Be prepaired for some excellent reading.

      More information about computer components that you can read in one sitting.

      Good Luck Lee

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      Reply To: Difference of Samsung & Kingston DDR RAM

      by ferhad_khanzada ·

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