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    Difference PCi 32 bit and PCI ver. 2.1


    by edcastillof ·

    Can a Belkin USB 2.0 PCI card F5U220 works on a motherboard with a 32 bit PCI slot? Because the card says to install on a PCI version 2.1 slot. Whitch I don’t know the difference.
    I am worried of damaging the mainboard or the adapter.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Difference PCi 32 bit and PCI ver. 2.1

      All PCI slots are 32 bit slots.

      Like most computer design specifications, the PCI bus has evolved over the 10 or so years it has been in existence.

      The latest implementation of the PCI specification is 2.3

      The specification predominantly covers hardware signal timings and the coding of device driver software.

      Unless this is an older computer that only supports 5 volt PCI devices and this card runs on 3.3 volts only, there is no hardware risk.

      Unless your PC is more than 5 years old, the only issue is can the hardware on the motherboard and the BIOS properly communicate with the card.

      Even the old Intel 430TX (Pentium MMX) chip-set supports PCI 2.1
      So, unless you have an old 486 with PCI slots, or a first generation socket 5 or 7 system, your system should have the proper support for a PCI 2.1 compliant plug-in card.


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      Reply To: Difference PCi 32 bit and PCI ver. 2.1

      by willcomp ·

      In reply to Difference PCi 32 bit and PCI ver. 2.1

      There are now 64 bit PCI slots with different (longer) slot that operate on a 66 MHz bus. These are found almost exclusively on server mother or daughter boards due to cost.

      PCI Express has also been introduced by Intel with its 925 P4 chipset. It is primarily for graphics adapters. I have yet to see one, but understand that a standard PCI card will function in a PCI Express slot.

      However, Chas is correct that desktop PCI slots are all 32 bit and most are 2.1 or better. The bus speed for 32 bit PCI is 33MHz.

      In any case, you won’t damage your card or motherboard.


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