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Differences between Windows XP and 2000?

By sblair0916 ·
What are the differences between Windows 2000 and XP? Which one would be better to get for a beginner? an advanced user? What problems occured with each of them?

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Differences between Windows XP and 2000?

by NightCrawler In reply to Differences between Windo ...

Windows 2000 and Windows XP are essentially the same operating system (known internally as Windows NT 5.0 and Windows NT 5.1, respectively.) Here are some considerations if you're trying to decide which version to use:

Windows Windows 2000 haslower system requirements, and has a simpler interface (no "Styles" to mess with).
Windows 2000 is less expensive, and has no product activation.
Windows 2000 has been out for a while, and most of the common problems have been uncovered and fixed.
Third-party products that aren't yet XP-compatible may be compatible with Windows 2000; check the manufacturers of your devices and applications for XP support before you upgrade.

Windows XP is somewhat faster than Windows 2000, assuming youhave a fast processor and tons of memory.
The new Windows XP interface is more cheerful and colorful than earlier versions, although the "Classic" interface can still be used if desired.
Windows XP has more bells and whistles, such as the Windows Movie Maker and built-in CD writer support.
Windows XP has much better support for games and comes with more games than Windows 2000.
Windows XP is the latest OS - if you don't upgrade now, you'll probably end up migrating to XP eventually anyway, and we mere mortals can only take so many OS upgrades.
Manufacturers of older third-party products are more likely to add Windows XP compatibility now than Windows 2000 compatibility.

Good Luck ! !

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