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Different LAN settings for different Logins

By tariq.umair ·
I have specific LAN settings to connect laptop with office network. Where as in home, I have different settings. Everyday, I have to change them in office & in home.

Is there a way through which I can have dual LAN settings for a single network card that should be dependent on my Login. I mean If I login to my office domain; I should get 192.x.x.x; and If I login on my own PC then I should have 192.y.y.y.

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If you ae useing XP

by Jacky Howe In reply to Different LAN settings fo ...

How to use the Alternate Configuration feature for multiple network connectivity in Windows XP

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Different LAN settings for different Logins

by tariq.umair In reply to Different LAN settings fo ...

Thanks for your reply.
I am using win 2003 server. I guess that article is only for win xp. But I will try that as well. If you have any other solution, let me know please.

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I thought that

by Jacky Howe In reply to Different LAN settings fo ...

your File Server Windows 2003 would have been at work and you are using XP Pro or similar on your Notebook to connect to it when you get to work. In vista the Alternative Address has to be Static.

Set up multiple network interfaces in Windows XP

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Well... Still not working !!!

by tariq.umair In reply to I thought that

The solution is stil not working. I tried the solution as mentioned in the article but still i have to disable the office settings to connect my notebook to home network. The connection seemed to be Ok but still I was not able to browse so I had to change the settings. Then after that it went well.

I have static IP with DNS in my office setup & in home I have a router with built-in DHCP and it allocates the IP to machine on runtime. So everyday I have to change the settings to connect to network either at home or at work. I am using Win server 2003.

Any other solution for handling the dual connection ?

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If you are

by Jacky Howe In reply to Well... Still not working ...

turning your PC on at home it should get the IP Address from your Router. When you get to work and turn it on it won't find a DHCP Address and should use the Static IP Address.

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LAN settings

by tariq.umair In reply to If you are

well since I have given a static IP to PC so it will not get the new IP from router. So limited connectivity will be the answer. I will have to disable the office settings and then it will work fine.

If I go as per the article and add another IP (which is to be assigned by router), It will show the connection but still it will not be able to browse. Thats the problem.

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Try setting

by Jacky Howe In reply to LAN settings

it up when you are connected to your home router.

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It worked but......

by tariq.umair In reply to Try setting

Well I had dual settings and it worked. But I felt that the browsing/downloading was not that fast as compared to that of my normal settings.

I felt that my PC has to search every time for the right gateway from where it can start communication. It was bit slow then I have to disable the dual settings and enabled my home settings. It then worked in a normal way.

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Well it really is

by Jacky Howe In reply to Try setting

your decision as to what you do. I have offered you a way to make it work and it was successful, unfortunately it lacked the speed that you require.

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