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Different technical opinions..nobody in the company can arbitrate

By itforums ·
Hi all

I have a kind of strange problem at work. My coleague is "the senior" and the technical service side. I am holding "the junior" position and the support position.

He uses to come to me to say .."we have this or that problem". Now when it comes to the way we have to implement the fix or to see if that is a real problem or not we have long discussions. All the times he had the last word on all the issues we had but he was not correct all the times.

It just happens that he is older here and he has the "senior" position, he is trusted by our managers and I have no way to change that. The managers have no technical skills (Cisco networking) and I am frustrated that my suggestions can not be evaluated or considered fairly.
Because he is always correct and I am "wrong" I am allowed to handle only the small things and I have no way to prove myself as a capable person.

What would you do if you were me ? I tried to point them to the official documentation, they don't have the time to read neither the knowledge to understand. I don't blame them or accuse them but I fell I am trapped and I don't like it.
Somehow I am fighting against the ghost of the former support guy who was like a puppet for my colleague. The managers have the impression that only the senior can run the show :-( and he can not be wrong.

Thank you

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Technical lead is in charge

by stress junkie In reply to Different technical opini ...

The reason that someone is designated as the technical lead is to give that person the power to make the final decisions in all technical issues. That's just the way it is. Sorry.

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Be patient and while you are

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Different technical opini ...

learning from your mistakes, learn from his as well. Then use what you've learnt to get the better position either there or somewhere else. Don't waste your time writing up why your colleague is technically wrong, not even he is going to read it far less management.

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