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Different Types of Reporting Mechanisms

By tlef ·
I am trying to improve a reporting format that various midlevel managers use to report to the director of Operations for a large IT organization. As a Tech Republic groupie, I am surprised to find (or shall I say not find) no compilation of forms or templates. I have searched for examples of monthly reports that go to high level management, such as "Operations" in an IT company, and have not been successful. I am asking for help in either of three ways:

1) can someone clue me in on where to find it on Tech Republic
2) can someone send me a copy of what they use
3) can someone at Tech Republic consider creating a place on their site for such templates, forms, etc.

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Here's the benefit

by lance.gillis In reply to Different Types of Report ...

Since what your'e looking for doesn't readily exist, you could create it yourself. When you design your own template, you can mold it to your specific need. You might even be given kudos for creating it. At he very least, just like Sinatra, you can do it YOUR WAY. (Not a lot of help, but really a chance to streamline and maybe save time and effort.)

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Operations Reporting

by mike In reply to Different Types of Report ...

I don't have any forms but here is input for you to consider. First, a Director of Operations usually does not want the detail, just the key issues that are material to the company. The reporting would be different depending upon the type of IT managers that are reporting to the Director of Ops. For example, let's assume you have three IT managers reporting, an Infrastructure Manager, a Programming Support Manager, and an R&amp (Programming Development) Manager. Obviously, each has a unique set of responsibilities.

If I were the Director, I would want to know the following from each of them:

I. Project Status
A. On target and on budget, or not?
B. If not, what are the key issues and what are the recommendations for going forward.
II. Key issues or concerns
A. Employee
B. Organization
C. Project
D. Company
E. Other
III. Status of plans for key initiatives discussed in past meetings that position us for the future
IV. Employee recognition orneeds
V. Organizational (individuals and team) development activities and status
VI. Other needs or topics needing attention

Hope this helps.

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