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Different User GPO depending on which machine user logs into

By pwilliams ·
Got myself thinking about an issue....

User logs into a machine which has all the various Machine & User GPO's that get run that tightly lock it down. No problem....

However, on a certain batch of machines I don't want them locked down as much. Ie. Same user with the same login, just different machine gets a different User GPO applied depending on which machine they log onto. (as well as a different machine GPO, but that's not the problem).

The problem I see is that the User GPO gets applied depending on the OU container the user sits in, you can obviously apply different Machine GPO depending on the machines OU container, but not specify a different User GPO.

Am I making sense, or just babbling ! ;-)

I work for a School, traditionally two networks, one for curriculum & one for admin. Various reasons moving to just one network so I don't want users having two seperate logins.

But, depending on where the machine is (and what it generally gets used for) determies what is available (and is locked down).

Just the idea whirring around in my head, and am going to play with OU's and GPO's when back in the office, but needed to see if I suspicions are true and if anybody can offer advice.



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Ah.... Got it!

by pwilliams In reply to Different User GPO depend ...

I think I've found the solution... 'Loopback!'

Never really used it before but could be the answer to my dilema.

Loopback essentially allows a specific set of settings within the User GPO to be run on specific machines within an OU. Fantastic!


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I have to ask

by Jacky Howe In reply to Ah.... Got it!

what are the 'Various' reasons for moving to just one network. Looks to me that you are asking for trouble. ?

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DARN !! - You beat me to it <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I have to ask


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Bloody inquisitive

by Jacky Howe In reply to DARN !! - You beat me to ...

thats wot I am. ;\

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