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    Differential backup daily on harddrive


    by kungfu71186 ·

    I am trying to figure out what would be best. Currently have a client that wants to get an off site server for daily backups. They are differential backups and it currently backs up about 2GB-8GB of data every day.

    Right now they are just using a tape backup to do that job, but they want to do away with tape backup and just use a server for storage.

    My problem is they have dsl line that is i believe 1.5Mbps (id have to test it out as i forget. Not at this clients place for my than a few hours a week). They have a T1 already (but its not hooked up) which they may hook up if need be. They want to get another server as well though.

    One server will be for their projects, lot of file sharing. The other will be for off site backup. What i proposed to them is to mirror the server they currently have and when they get the project server mirror that one as well. If something does happen to either server everyone will automatically be switched over to the off site one until the server that is down is back up.

    Problem is they want a differential daily backup off site. Would this even be possible say in about an 8-10 hour time over the dsl line.

    Are there any other ideas on how to do this. Problem, like any other company is they want a lot for a little amount of money.

    I was thinking of a SAN server, but that may be too much for them. They would most likely want the SCSI drives as well, making pricing quite expensive.

    Any suggestions on my situation would be great. Any software that people would recommend on doing this as well would be great. I have a software in mind for mirroring the servers, but not for differential backups.

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