differentiating traffic on Vlans to two different Internet connections

By zeeshan.shamim ·
Hi Guys,

the problem i have is two sets of users on two different vlans they want to use two different internet connections. one going over Sdsl and the other over wimax, they are cisco 2960 switches involved and a 2600 series router. as far as i can tell this can be done with two routers being gateways for the two vlans. is there a way to just use a single router to pass the traffic to relevant interfaces?

Many thanks


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Use different IP networks and routing

by Churdoo In reply to differentiating traffic o ...

While there's nothing stopping you from using the same IP network in all of the VLANs, it will be easiest if you use a different IP network in each of your VLANs, then it's simple routing to differentiate what traffic goes to which interface or internet connection

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Use different IP networks and routing

by zeeshan.shamim In reply to Use different IP networks ...

Thanks for replying, the way it was setup was the vlans terminated to a router's sub interface and basically NAT'ed and went out the serial towards the ISP, now with having two ISP's i am guessing i should create NAT translation for two different subnets ending with which vlan is going to end up with which isp, am i on the right path?

Many thanks

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