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What is the difference between Normal Mouse & Optical Mouse? How the optical mouse works?

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by TheChas In reply to Differnce


You keep asking these general information questions.

Since you earn 1000 points when you close a question, why not be a little more generous with the points you award.

If you award more points, more peers will be willing to spend the time answering your questions.
Since your questions are generally basic, I recommend that you award 100 points each.

At a basic level, all mice use optical technology of some sort.

A "standard" mouse uses a rubber coated roller ball to rotate a pair of slotted disks through an optical sensor.
There is an "X" and a "Y" axis disk and sensor.
The sensor translates the direction and number of slots that pass through it into a series of pulses that the mouse controller transmits to the PC as direction and movement.

An "optical" mouse has no moving parts.
Instead of slotted disks and sensors, an optical mouse directs a beam of infrared light out of the bottom of the mouse. Some of this light reflects back into the mouse. A sensor array receives the reflected beam. Depending on where the beam hits the sensor, the mouse controller can determine movement direction and speed.


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