Difficult Wireless connection

By cavucomp ·
I am using a 2wire DSL/router for a router only (I do not have DSL at the house). I do have a linksys wireless router connected to a cable modem which carries my internet connection. It works great with my laptop.

I have a couple of desktops connected to the 2wire router via ethernet cables and I also have a wireless ethnet card in one of the computers. I am trying to connect the desktop via the wireless card to the linksys (it does show connected) but I can't get out to the internet.

If I use automatic detection, I get the 2wire default page saying the DSL is not setup. I have the 2wire wireless disabled. If I try to put something in the proxy setting on the desktop browser, I just get tat thee page is not available. What should I put in the proxy dserver settings (address and port).

Please help

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OK I'm at a bit of a loss here as to why you are seeing the Routers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Difficult Wireless connec ...

Setup Page but assuming that you are attempting to setup the WiFi network you'll need to Run the Wireless Setup Wizard in XP and then after that is connected which may involve changing the settings in the Linksys WiFi Access Point depending on how that was setup you can bridge the Wireless and Wired Connections from the Network Connections on the computer.

As to how this is achieved you'll need to tell us what OS is in use here on the computer with the WiFi Card that you want to use to share the Internet connection.


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Settings I'm Using

by cavucomp In reply to OK I'm at a bit of a loss ...

I'm using an Linksys Air Extreme wireless PCI card in the PC.

I can see the Linksys router and can even get into the admin panel from this computer.

When I go to access the internet, I get either the 2wire error message screen (DSL is not connected) or I get the page can not be shown... server not found) bepending on how I set the proxy settings.

The Wireless wizard in XP is trying to set the interent connection through the 2wire DSL router instead of the wireless connection to the Linksys router. I have everything (within the admin panel) I can think of turned off on the 2wire router that has to do with wireless or internet connectivity.

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ok what?

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Settings I'm Using

OK I am trying to visualize what you have setup here.

So you have a linksys router connected to a cable modem and you are trying to get workstations connected to this linksys box to get internet activity. Where does this 2wire thing come in?

I'd check the linksys admin panel to see if you're getting a valid outside IP address.

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Are you telling the WiFi Setup Wizard to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Settings I'm Using

Use the WiFi Card not the Wired LAN Connection?


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