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Difficulties with TCP/IP setting

By wenico ·
I am running a small network for a charitable group. I was called in theother day as no one could hit the internet. I found that all of the TCP/IP settings had been reset to find automatically whereas they have to be manually set to find the modem. Default will not work. Is there aanyway that these settings could have been chnaged other than by someoene with administrative usaged on the network. Or could these have been reset automatically by any means.
I've changed all user priveleges to unlimited to try to resolve the situation. I had hoped to leave the team with admin priveleges but looks as if they canb't be trusted and was hoping someone could throw some light on the situation.



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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Difficulties with TCP/IP ...

It depends how well the desktops have been locked down. If there are no limitations, anyone can click the default settings in IE and select automatic settings in TCP/IP.

If the setup involves proxy servers or some limitations to browsing, in every crowd there is always someone who knows a little about settings and controls go out of the windows (pun intended) unless the desktop is locked up.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Difficulties with TCP/IP ...

Unfortunately this is a very stick issue I had one person go around to every computer in a business network and remove the Networking Protocols because her home computer didn't have then so they where not needed on the business network.

Of course when the Business Network no longer worked it was my fault and she insisted that what she had removed where unnecessary anyway so it should not have affected the system. :)

But in this case I think that you'll find rather than someone messing with the system a Patch from MS has been deployed and that is what has done the damage here.


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by hozcanhan In reply to Difficulties with TCP/IP ...

apparently when there was a hickup in the link someone truned off the static ips into dhcp and tried to enable or hoped the dhcp server on the modem is active . Typical non tech personnel move . If I were you , I would "lock" the computers ( prohibit the users from making these changes ) . Whenever they need help you would do it . Thus you take the resposibilty if something goes wrong . This is better than taking the cleaning the *hit responsibility of some "technical helper" . It is a good idea to use static ip , I back you on that . Choose a person from the charitable group and instruct him how you two will solve problems through guiding him on the phone by telling him / her what to do step by step on the phone . This is better than letting them or some tech helper touch the settings.

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