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    Digital Camera USB storage


    by st5660 ·

    Currently I bought a Digital Camera and try to install the USB driver on my pc. It pop up an error msg and not allow to setup. The msg is “USB equipment operates with the driver installed as standard. You not need to install a driver”. When I connect my DC to the pc it can detech the model but cant read the content inside (SD card).
    The USB driver disc is come with the DC.
    Can anyone help me to solve this problem, if not I cant view the pic at the DC coz currently I dont have the SD card reader. Thank Q

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      Reply To: Digital Camera USB storage

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Digital Camera USB storage

      Please give us a few more details.

      Make and model of camera.

      Version of Windows.

      Any other details that you think might help us help you.

      The error message you posted does not look like a “normal” error message.

      For many USB devices, you need to install the driver for the device before you can use it “normally”.

      In Windows XP, most digital cameras show up as removable media storage devices.

      Have you tried opening Windows Explorer and looking for the camera as a new drive?


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        Reply To: Digital Camera USB storage

        by thechas ·

        In reply to Reply To: Digital Camera USB storage

        Right click on your My Computer icon.

        Select Properties.

        Click on the Device Manager (or hardware) tab.

        Are there any yellow “?” or “!” If so, these need to be dealt with before you can get your camera to function.

        If there is a yellow mark for your camera or a USB storage device, try deleting the device.
        Restart your computer, and see if you can now access your camera.

        If a yellow mark is next to your USB controller, you need to download and install the USB drivers for the chip-set on your motherboard.
        Download the file from either the system or motherboard manufacture.

        If there are no yellow marks, locate and remove the listing for your camera / USB storage device and restart your PC. Same as above, see if Windows now properly sets up your camera.

        Other ideas:
        Are you running a software firewall that is not letting your USB ports connect to the camera?

        Have you used other USB devices with this PC?

        Are the USB ports enabled in BIOS settings?

        If you are using a front panel USB port, are the wires from the front panel jack properly connected to the motherboard?


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      Reply To: Digital Camera USB storage

      by st5660 ·

      In reply to Digital Camera USB storage

      the model is Panasonic DMC-LC70, OS is winME. I try to other pc which is also WinME OS, the DC can detect and install driver itself without install the setup disk. And also can see the removable media storage devices.
      I try open windows explorer but unable to locate the new drive

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      Reply To: Digital Camera USB storage

      by juergen hartl ·

      In reply to Digital Camera USB storage

      go to panasonic homePage and see if there are newer driver for ME.
      Besides that ditch ME and install w2k or XP

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