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    by wahaguru66 ·

    Hi guys! I’m thinking on something I would love to have your opinion about.

    1. October 17: we did an update on our website to fix a web core vitals issue (CLS issue: more than 0.1).
    2. October 29: All our pages passed in green.
    3. October 30: We started to have 30% more traffic globally, and even 50% more traffic on some pages. It continues today.
    4. November 2: The November Core update started to rolling out.

    We already did some updates to fix web core vitals issues in the past and never had noticeable traffic improvements. Added to that, I saw so much people working on their web core vitals without any traffic improvements. So even If there is a perfect match here, I still have some doubts…

    What do you think?
    – Did the recent core update could be the only reason on the improvements? (But it just started to rolling out 3 days later ?!)
    – Could our web core vitals issue fix be the smal

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      It’s a hamster wheel.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Google changes SEO often. Are your CORE goals valid? That is, are you chasing SEO rather than sales and customers?

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