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Dilemma of Merging

By hitesh.url ·
Hi Friends,
I would like to start "Yet another Brain Storm" for all. I have decided my options and in the process of evaulating them. Hope that your comments will help in finding proper direction.

Let me put my situation in proper perspective. I relocated in Feb 2001 to another state in India for better employment opportunity and surely the better pay. Recruitement process was quite standard starting with rounds of Interview and reference check. Company was promoted by higly regarded group in India with very sound financial condition and has target to grow to 2000 million USD group by 2006. Promoters had diversified in Infrastructure, TExtile, IT and BFSI (Banking, Finance and Insurance). I will call the IT Firm as ABC.

My Job was clear - to turn around a project in one of the leading bank - ABC's most improtant customer in which bank had made investment in 1999. All went well and project was back on track to go live successfully in May 2001. My team proved to the ABC & Bank's Management that, we have efficient operational excellance. We innovate by making valued enhancements in system month on month.

All seems to be working fine as bank also invested heavilty in project every year with min. of 0.1 million USD every quarter. ABC was able to win confidance of other customers and successfully won Two more projects. There was high hope that we will continue to perform. I was given portfolio to handle Three more projects with magnitude of 1 to 5 million USD.

Suddenly Thuder bolt strike as news was announced in July 2003 that, we are going to be acquired shortly and promoters are not interested in IT as business area.

New company ( I will call NBC) started appriciating our effrots and NBC promoters had shown good faith. All the top management team members on both side, ensured that, our job will be intact and there will be gradual change and merging of our operation in their company.

We all co-operated in the various stages of merger - Change management, acquitions, due dilligance. NBC is really good company run by professionals. They kept the tempo of merging more companies and ABC was the last. Things were getting clearer as we use to work on three business proposal together but, Fluid state with lot of grapevine was flowing in back stage and we started getting news about unclear business model of post merged entity.

Suddenly CEO announced core business areas will be not foucs on kind of verticals we were dealing with. Pepole started resigning despite the assured hick in pay and reason being "BETTER PROSPECT" "BETTER CAREER OPPORTUNITY" but underlying fact was top management of NBC not being focussed on any of the activities for our business unit. Slowly we started getting stale news about routine developments in NBC and sometime never heard.

MY bosses started finding difficult to deal with NBC management and use to ignore questions on reducing job attiriation and pepole being unsatisfied. I would like to share some of them as to help u in noticing such changes in behaviour.

Some of the acts are:
1. New HR Scheme was announced late with cutting all the soft benefits. Heavy taxes eaten up all the increments and pepole evetually get less paid.

2. HR representatives for the team got fustrated due to unclear policies getting released and clarifications and actions after follow up were vanishing in thin air.

3. HR rep. at last run away from the post with sad feeling of not able to cope with such operational in-efficiency.

4. In the name of cost cutting, cafetaria and transport facilities stopped. Office premises was out of city limit and transport was major problem.

5. Freshers were given same grade and salary as old employees with 1 to 3 year experience, old collegue started vanishing and new guys find them self in unknown uncertain situation. Some old chaps even have negative feeling about the new comers. Apple were compared with Orange.

In mid of handling such anomolies and disparity in working enviornment, my boss AAA started disliking the place and eveutaully resigned. I have to report to Mr. Black cat. Black cat was good as I use to know him for last three years but his attidute has changed after he become the ultimate boss.

My team members were removed one by one in name of better prospect and change management as well as consolidation of work force. I lost all projects from portfolio. HAressment started with demanding results in unreasonable time and man power. Slowly some in efficient guys in team were made my boss and asked to work under them. Further harressment started as myself and my team was asked to do their work also.

I have to take a call of coming out of NBC at any cost and help my team members to find new job as all efforts including talking to top management is in vein. I am hunting for job in same domain area and fortunelty able to grab some more opportunities in same cadre and domain. I still feel situation can improve and NBC can become customer centric efficient and professional organisation but, time limits and harressment from my immediate reporting manager will not stop.

I am still in quandry.... U can give your suggestions on way outs.....

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