Dimenstion 4600i Dell?

By sanwardak ·
One of my client's computer keep giving me this Performing Automatic IDE Configuration error at boot. This happan when the time and date are wrong. If I change the battery do you think it will work? Because the time and keep changing by it self to Jan 2004 after 9 or 10 hours when I power it off. So I tod him I have to order the battry for it. I am still not sure if that will fix the problems


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This should have a 2032 Battery for the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dimenstion 4600i Dell?

This is a Standard Coin Battery used in many appliances and commonly available through places like Radio Shack and the general Run of the Mill Chemists.

If the BIOS Battery is flat and the Data & Time are returning to the Defaults the IDE Drive data will be getting lost as well hence the need to perform a Automatic IDE Detection.

Tire only thing here is if the Data is being lost while the system is running this isn't a Flat Battery issue but a problem with the M'Board as while the system is running the BIOS Battery shouldn't be being used to keep the RTC running. The power for this would come directly from the computers Power Supply.

So if it's loosing these settings while it's running you need to look at replacing the Power Supply and or M'Board.

However if it's loosing these settings while the unit is powered off this would indicate a Flat BIOS Battery which should cost about $2.50 as a replacement part.

Edited to add The full Dell Service Manual for this unit is located here


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