Dinosaur Computer needs revamping

By letadawn ·
I have an old computer, a very old computer. I am not computer savvy. It is a Dell Model PCS 110. It has no ethernet card. I purchased a card however when I open the back of my computer there are no empty places to place the ethernet card. Do I randomly start pulling cards or is there a particular place the card goes. Any assistance is appreciated.

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Just how old IS this computer?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Dinosaur Computer needs r ...

I can't even find any model by the name of 'PCS 110' at the DELL web site.

So, just how old is this PC? What OS is on it?

Does it have PCI slots (the shorter white ones) to plug the network card into? Or, are the ones inside the computer all the wrong size?

What kinds of cards do you already have plugged in? You can't just randomly start pulling them out. Is there one that is using a PCI slot but it is no longer needed?


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Just how old IS this comp ...

I can't even find a reference to it on GOOGLE. Must be a REAL monster. Bet it is ISA/EISA slots not even PCI.

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OK you are going to have to help us here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Dinosaur Computer needs r ...

But Firstly No you can not start pulling cards at random.

Can you actually boot this computer and let us know what OS is in use here and the Specifications of this computer please?

As there is no reference to a Dell PCS 100 or a PCS 110 Model computer anywhere on the Internet it's either extremely old or the wrong model number.

Things we need to know are the CPU Speed and Type if possible. So this could be a AMD Durion at 450 MHZ or it may be a Cirix 66 MHZ CPU.

The type and amount of RAM Fitted to this computer. Some 286 Units use 1 MEG of RAM or less while the new systems RAM load is measured in Hundreds of Megabytes or even Gigabytes.

So if we know that type of RAM or how Much is fitted and what type or Speed the CPU is we have some idea of what type of M'Board is in use here and the type of Sockets on this M'Board. M'Board makers have used ISA, Vesa, PCI, PCI XPress, AGP and so on depending on how old this unit actually is you could have any of up to 5 Different Expansion Sockets mounted on the M'Board.

It's also possible that the Interface Card used to drive the HDD & Floppy Drives is a Plug In Card as well so if this was to be removed the computer wouldn't work. Besides you are unlikely to have been able to buy a New Network Card for this type of Socket so removing it will be of no assistance in actually finding a place to plug the Network Card into.

The Common types of Expansion Cards that have been used are Video, Sound and possibly Drive Controller Cards all of these have to be left in place or the computer Will Not work. These are necessary for the computer to work and if old enough it will have all of these cards. However if it is newer they could also be built onto the M'Board and not require an Expansion Slot.

Unfortunately without knowing more about this particular computer it's not possible to offer any more information that would lead to a suitable outcome. Other than saying you need to look where the Expansion Cards exit the Back of the case to find the correct Sockets to plug Expansion Cards into.


Edited for Clarification I hope.

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