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Directing people to a Website

By mLindvall ·
I'm pretty sure we have all been a hotel or building where you log onto their wireless network. And you always get sent to a site tell you of the rules of their wireless.

Well i'm only a college student and i'm still learning things. I recently just got a Linksys wireless router and i'm acting as the admin to the network and i was wanted to send people to a website that tells them how much it will cost them pre month and put some useful links on the site that they could use.
I have set up a network key so that i'll have to set them up to be able to jump online from my wireless. The website i would like to use is a geocities site that i'm working on.

I would like to know how to it is done. Please keep in mind that i'm a novice at this networking stuff. Thanks


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by BFilmFan In reply to Directing people to a Web ...

You would need a commercial Yahoo website or they will take it down.

My advice is to get a book on creating websites, something like HTML for Dummies.

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by mLindvall In reply to Directing people to a Web ...

thanks for the tip. i'll have to try that


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Directing people to a Web ...

Instead of using an external web site that these people are directed to you could always have then first directed to an internal Web Page and then allow them out after accepting the terms of use.

Something like a User Agreement with any software don't allow them external access until they have accepted the terms of use. The only thing with a setup like that is you would need the Wireless hub behind the external Computer and then router for an outside connection.

As for the Internal Web Page depending on how much you know about creating Web Pages one of the "For Dummies Books" in the format that you want to use be it HTML, Dream weaver or whatever.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

One more thing which I just remembered if you are doing this for real you'll need to make sure that the ISP allows subletting and you'll also need to become fully aware of the Legal Ramifications of allowing unknown people access to a wireless connection.

If this is just a classroom assignment the above will also be very useful to include as Legally the owner of the wireless connection is responsible for everything downloaded or looked at so you would need to add some form of blocking to the obvious things like bomb making, kiddy porn sites and the like.


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by Jim.Coyne In reply to Directing people to a Web ...

What you are refering to is called a "captive portal" The link below is a free linux based firewall with a captive portal feature.

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