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    Directing traffic to different internet connections based on source.


    by danny ·


    I’m a little green in this area and could do with some help. The scenario is as follows:

    A building with 3 floors. the first 2 floors are occupied by one business. The third floor is occupied by another business that is closely related to the first business, so much so that some of the staff work for both.

    Both businesses have their own internet connection and it’s imperative that they go to the correct one. Each has a router with DHCP turned off. I need to keep this as simple as possible. The computers on the top floor don’t need to connect to the domain provided by the server, they can just log on to the local machine. While staff from floors 1 and 2 are working on the third floor they won’t need access to the shared files on the server. The server provides DHCP for the entire building.

    It would be preferable to keep all the computers on the same IP range. The server has one NIC.

    I’ve been reading up on routing in SBS 2003 to perhaps direct traffic based on the IP address but am I just thinking about this too much? Can I do this by just manually entering the default gateway on the third floor computers directly to their router? The rest of the computers, which are on the domain, will then go through the server and to their own router, right? Is this path strict? In other words will it ALWAYS use the default gateway and not just take the easier path?

    I realise now I may have answered my own question here but any feedback or insights would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance


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