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Directory Sharing Problem With NT

By lswiger ·
I am running a Nt Network and setting up users with mapped drives. Is there any way to map a drive to a directory on my server and only show the sub-directorys that the user has access too... only other way would be to have a bunch of directories that the users can't get too (Access Denyed) and only 1 or 2 directoies that they can access. I have user groups assigned to each sub-directory. Some users belong to more than one group and their for would need to see a couple of sub directoies. othersonly belong to one group.If you need more info, please ask! I have looked everywhere for a answer and haven't found one yet!

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Directory Sharing Problem With NT

by curlergirl In reply to Directory Sharing Problem ...

You can sometimes use hidden shares, but this is tricky. Because of the way NT handles file and folder sharing, the best way to work with this is to set the shared folder at the lowest level that you want to share. For example, if you have subfolders for Commercial and Marketing within a main folder called Shared Folders, then share the Commercial and Marketing folders individually, rather than sharing the Shared Folders as a single share. Then, you can control by group membership who gets drives mapped to which of the subfolders. I know this seems counter-intuitive to some, but this is the way NT works. Hope this helps!

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Directory Sharing Problem With NT

by lswiger In reply to Directory Sharing Problem ...

But my problem is (Using your example) I have a user that needs access to the commercial directory (Easy enought, just do what you said) I would map it to say, M:\Commercial. and so on, but then I have a user that would need commercial and Marketing. Is there any way to map M to both? I could do M:\commercial and N:\Marketing. I don't want to go that route. I would like to keep all group folders mapped to the same drive for all the different groups! (If it's possible)
Thanks In Advance!

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