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Directory Synchronization

By sabatogz ·
Does anyone know of away to synchronize two directories + Sub Dir. over a LAN, at a scheduled time.

1. What is the best software + cost
2. What works great and is cheap.


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synchronize directories

by robin.jodoi In reply to Directory Synchronization

We are using a program called robocopy. I'm not sure of the cost but it can't be much. What we've done is write a batch file that maps drives and then run robocopy to check the files and directories against the source. if the files or directories are newer it will copy them to the destination directory. E-mail me and I will send you a copy of the batch file to look at.

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by unaventura In reply to synchronize directories

Does anybody know how I can triger errors if a robocopy command does not complete succesfully. I know there is logs I can look at but I would like to set of a signal that it did not work.

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robocopy across firewall

by ching_ling In reply to synchronize directories

Does anyone know what TCPIP ports need to be opened in order to use robocopy across firewall?
I would like to automate directory synching from an internal server to external.

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by ITTech2 In reply to robocopy across firewall

I am also using Robocopy. However, it's still being implemented. WHen I go to run the batch from a command prompt, it tells me that there is no such directory or file. I've double checked the directory etc.. and fiind that the directory and file location is correct:

I've mapped the network location as F:\backup
the directory that I want backed up is

can anyone help me with this batch in Robocopy?

Many thanks to anyone that could help.

my email is

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by felixdsilva In reply to Robocopy

Experiencing same problem

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