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    Directx 9b


    by john.cb1 ·

    How can i check that Direct x 9 is working properley with my windows and hardware drives, i.e sound.

    How can i when i open any web page that it opens in full page instead of me having to keep having to open the page to maximixe view, by clicking the square in the top right corner.

    Can anyone recommend a software that will get rid of all the junk files on my hard drive, i.e temp files,files that are left there after i have uninstaled them, and a software that will checked that everything is working ok.

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      by thechas ·

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      DirectX has a built-in test and diagnostics program.

      From the run box on the start menu, run dxdiag
      This will walk you through a series of tests.

      You should close all active programs first.

      I would also check for an updated video driver and install it before running DXdiag.

      Under XP, it is a bit harder to save some program settings.
      For IE, start by maximizing and minimizing a page a few times.
      With the page maximized, click on File, Exit.
      If you do this for each IE startup link, you should end up opening in maximized mode.

      As to disk clean-up, I am from the old school, I manually clean up what I want to.
      To automate the process a bit more, start by opening IE.
      Click on tools, internet options.
      On the General page, in the Temporary Internet files section, click on the delete files button.

      Next, XP has a built-in file cleanup tool.
      Go to Accessories, System Tools.
      Click on Disk Cleanup.

      That said, if I want to double check that I have a clean drive, I use System Suite from V-Com.

      Both the registry fixer and drive cleanup tools are very good.
      In addition, there are numerous tools to check system performance.

      CAUTION: I have seen several drive cleaner programs delete required files when a program uses what is supposed to be a temporary file extension for required files.


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      by cyrusmak ·

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      by john.cb1 ·

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      Tried alll the suggestions that your told me about getting rid of the red cross in the white box in a webpage.

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      by john.cb1 ·

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