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Dirty tricks that Microsoft plays.

By lvays732 ·
I was reading an article abut new version of windows and how it will most definitely require a new hardware to run half way dissent.
Funny that no one is talking about Microsoft doing something with older or existing operating systems via their sneaky updates.
People don???t notice how with each update older pc???s are slowing down , and it is happening just before or during the release of the new OS , that is running much better on the old pc after an upgrade , but not as fast as your old pc when it was new, that give people false feeling of satisfaction. We are forced to by a new OS because the old one is so slow that it is impossible to use it.
I am not a big fan of conspiracy theory, but it looks like it is purposely done to market new OS or a new hardware and we are willing to spend money and happy for a while until the service packs arrive and endless updates that kill performers of OS. Someone should make it stop from happening, they treat as like retarded cash cows. I want to buy a new OS or Hardware not because my windows take forever to open , and browsing internet is consuming so much CPU power that nothing else working while pages are loading and etc. I want a new OS or computer for exiting new features, not because Microsoft just killed my machines old OS.

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Stop Killing my PC.

by lvays732 In reply to Dirty tricks that Microso ...

Ones you format your old machine with the original OS CD or DVD, the computer is super fast until you load all of the updates.

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It's called Code Bloat

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dirty tricks that Microso ...

And is not new it's been happening since Windows was released.

Just new to PC's are you?


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Not So

by dogknees In reply to Dirty tricks that Microso ...

Perhaps your PC is slowing down, but I load all the MS updates and mine is as fast as the day it first booted.

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