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disabeling dallas chip

By madanmule ·
we have nt server& 5 nodes,server cmos setup password is forgotten,the m/c is 486 with dallas chip insteda of CMOS battery,Please help me out of this situation

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to disabeling dallas chip

There has to be a jumper on the motherboard to set the CMOS to Factory Default values. Either you have to short the same or open the same. Please check your motherboard & Manual if available.
Thanks & Best of Luck.

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by madanmule In reply to

we dont have any M/B manual please help

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by willcomp In reply to disabeling dallas chip

CMOS reset jumpers are not installed on all motherboards (wish they were). However, look to see if there is one on your mobo. If so, that's simplest solution. They are less likely to be on older mobos.

Dallas clock modules are either mounted in a socket or soldered to motherboard. If yours is socketed, remove it, but exercise caution. I use a right angle pick to gently pry up each side until loose enough to remove.

If soldered and no reset jumper, see if BIOS can be flashed and BIOS files are available. Not very likely for a 486 mobo.

For those not familar with them. Dallas real time clock modules also contain the CMOS battery.


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by madanmule In reply to

Dallas chip is soldered & no reset jumper, PLeaser let me know how to flash the bios.Thank you.
Your's Faithfylly.

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by TheChas In reply to disabeling dallas chip

Dallas Semiconductor is now part of Maxim.

If you search for your specific RTC chip, you might still be able to find an application note on how to reset the CMOS RAM on the chip.


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