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Disable Account and Keep Email

By 2canSAM ·
We have some users that no longer work for the company. My boss would like thier accounts disabled but wants to continue getting thier emails. We are a native win2k3 Server shop with Exchange2k3. Right now I have each user account "Locked Out" and email being forwarded to the boss's account. This is working fine but I wondered if there is a better method.

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by CG IT In reply to Disable Account and Keep ...

actually no. disabling their account keeps them from gaining access even to their mail. As far as mail, you would have to foward the mail somewhere so if the boss wants it, dump it there.

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Standard Practice When Employees Leave

by foxy1968 In reply to

When someone leaves a company like a sles person you want to keep getting their email but you don't want to let them in to the company and you probably want to archive all their data off the servers.

1. Assign their email address to another user by deleting it from their profile and then adding it to the person delegated to receive this persons mail.

2. Create a folder and a rule so that any email to that address goes into that folder, or exmerge the mailbox and put archive it then give this person access to that PST and direct any new mail to that PST using a rule.

That way you can delete their account and remove their mailbox from the exchange server. I personally prefer to store ex-employee data on DVD if it will fit. By the time the DVD becomes unreadable the information on it will no longer be required any way.

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by acattr In reply to Disable Account and Keep ...

Your exboss probably doesnt like the fact that he is now getting all thier spams and junk emails. I found the solution below to work best.

you can create a public folder called ex-employees that only your boss can SEE by modifying the permissions.

then create a subfolder for each ex-employee. In exchange system manager, mail enable each public folder and give it the email address of the corresponding exemployee.

NOTE: you must remove the email address from the existing account before assigning to the public folder. Also note in the permissions tab for each folder, default needs "create items" permission, otherwise email wont come to it.

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