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Disable client from server cashing

By 5jgibbs ·
As I have stated before, I would like to get rid of the middle man. I would like this to happen. All the users profiles, that I have located in the server folder \\server\login\ which stores all there settings such as my documents, Desktop ect? I don?t want that to become a ?user? folder on my computer.

So when I log into aharrell, I don?t want her folder that contains 120mb located at \\server\login\aharrell\ to copy down everything, I want it to just look at the information like it would if it were actually in the location of C:\documents and settings\aharrell. This will be better, because every time someone switches computers, its pulling down hundreds of MB and that slows things down. So I want an active connection between the computer and \\server\login\aharrell\ so it does not have to store a location on the local disk with all the info, it just is read and coped to the server. Thanks a lot for your help


PS.. sorry but i have 0 tech points ???? so i was going to stick this in q&a but i could not. thanks and sorry....

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Roaming profile?

by Roger99a In reply to Disable client from serve ...

I'm a little confused, but are you using roaming profiles? Is this a Windows Domain? It sounds like you want to remap the "My Documents" folder to a server folder instead.

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by 5jgibbs In reply to Roaming profile?

Exactly!!! Yes, I am using roaming profiles. If you could help with your suggestion, I would be very thankful, ive been working on this for a while.

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From Microsoft

by Roger99a In reply to GREAT
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TR User Points

by BFilmFan In reply to Disable client from serve ...

You get 1000 points for opening a question. You also get points for participating in discussions. I think you get 100 points or so for just joining TR.

How in the world do you have 0 points?

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500 points for joining, ...

by deepsand In reply to TR User Points

1000 point for Rating the answers to & Closing a Question.

He's asked 1 Question, received no Answers, with the result that it's been closed for inactivity.

Therefore, he should have 500 points!

Is it possible that there's a bug such that the points offered on his timed-out question didn't get returned to his account?

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by 5jgibbs In reply to 500 points for joining, . ...

well, i used most of them.. and now its at 0.. i closed a topic and got 1000 now so that's fine.. but idk but know one rates the questions in the q&a ...

anyway.. thanks for the links.. i will give that a shot.. i will post back with some results..


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