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Disable Drag and Drop on Network Drive

By sean ·
I have a small (30 pc's) network in an office of Civil Engineers. These folks get to clicking soo quickly through our centralized project files that sometimes they accidentally and unknowingly click and drag one project file into another project file. This generally results in some degree of panic a bit later, and several hours of searching by the IT department (me) to find the missing file(s). Is there any way on a network share to disable or force a prompt for dragging and dropping?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Disable Drag and Drop on ...

find out who is doing it. bring them a donut. explain your plight...
you a workgroup? you a win2k domain? w/o ad? just guessing as you don't mention...
on such a small network i bet this case prevention is more trouble than cure. maybe look at setting up secondary hd backup that users can access w/o bothering you is what i am saying.
having said that.
it depends on the users and how they are doing things i'd say. then it depends on what kind of restrictions you have at your disposal. that is where i ask if AD or workgroup or what.
what if only the 'owner' of a project('s folder) could write to the folder it was in?
would that solve the problem. mostly?
would a 'browse only' login help any. ie. 'read and execute' permissions. folks can login as say, 'engineering' and open and look at all the files, copy them off onto local hd. but if they want to stash a file in the projects they have to login special, say engineeradmin or some such. that account would have the write right. so to speak. that account would have restricted login times so they couldn't forget and leave it logged in that way all the time...
in other words, if your Group or various Groups of engineers had only read and execute permissions on the project folders then they would not be able to write or move a file into the folder. which would preclude the drag/drop 'accidents' along with any legit intra-folder manipulations. only the 'owner' of the folder should have write permission, maybe?
as far as i know there isn't any 'move' permission or ability to disable drag and drop. it might be do-able thru system policy and or AD. maybe bfilm can help

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by sgt_shultz In reply to

steve, (palm smacking forehead) you the man. *that* is the permission. delete.
watch this guy rob you of your points...

still hoping bfilm will post the ad policy solution or whatever you would call it.

can't believe he has everybody saving files simultaneous and his issue is the file get moved. wonder if it is no accident as folks vainly try to preserve 'their' changes.
wouldn't you gotta 'check out' these docs for changes, imho. otherwise how do you avoid 'save conflicts'? does autocad have capability for collaborative editing?

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by sean In reply to

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by sean In reply to Disable Drag and Drop on ...

This is on a win2003 sbs network with AD. Allowing the engineers to 'move files' to alternate HD's would only double my issues. There are times that 3-5 people can be in the same file simultaneously, and each updating some aspect of the file.

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by In reply to Disable Drag and Drop on ...


You can do what you are trying to do via security settings on the files in question. Just deny the DELETE privilege. DELETE is required to move or rename a file. Steps on the server where the file exists:

1. Right click the file->Properties->Security Tab.
2. Choose the user or group you want to edit.
3. Click 'Advanced'.
4. Choose the user or group you want to edit (again).
5. Scroll down the list of permissions and click 'Deny' on the DELETE privilege.
6. Click OK all the way out.

You can broaden this by applying this attribute to an entire folder. The files in it can inherit the security permissions so you don't have to apply this one file at a time if you choose.

Did this solve your problem?

-----Steve Jackson

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by sean In reply to

Perfect. I appreciate your posting and assistance with this matter.

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by sean In reply to Disable Drag and Drop on ...

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