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Disable hyperthreading on Dell PE 2650 with existing OS

By Navy Moose ·
Hello Everyone,

My customer is using a Dell Power Edge 2650 running Win2K3 Standard. He is asking me to disable hyperthreading on this server because of a known issue with an application which is running on the box.

I contacted Dell and they told me I won't have to re-install the OS on the server after disabling the Hyperthreading.

This server was purchased with 2 CPUs.

This is going to happen on a Saturday night, and that is not the time I want to have to perform a restore because the OS is hosed because hyperthreading was disabled.

Have any of you disabled hyperthreading on a production system with an OS that was installed? I'm still doing research on this to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before doing this.

Thank you!

Navy Moose

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CMOS option?

by stress junkie In reply to Disable hyperthreading on ...
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Thanks for the reply....

by Navy Moose In reply to CMOS option?

Thank you for the links.

I already know how to disable it. I'm looking for experiences people have had doing it on an existing OS. I put an image on a test server and then disabled hyperthreading and rebooted. It came up clean.

Some of the information I'm seeing online is saying the machine had to have the OS re-installed after disabling hyperthreading.

I plan on having a full back up done before disabling the hyperthreading in case something goes wrong.

Navy Moose

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