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By abechak2000 ·
How can I disable the Internet Explorer on several workstations without totally deleting it? We have several employees who have abused their privileges to Internet access, and my boss wants me to get rid of it, only on certain stations, not the entire network. We are running a Windows 2000 server, and the workstations are running Windows 98se or Windows 95.

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by RJBoudreaux Contributor In reply to Disable Internet Explorer

Option 1: I would recommend a web filter in place on your network to limit and control Internet access. We use SuperScout Web Filter ( and it works great.

Option 2: If you are on a tight budget, and need a quick workaround this is what I recommend: In the case of Win98se and Win95 you can use Local System Policy Settings (Poledit.exe)to limit and control the use of IE. System Policy Editor, Poledit for short,is not installed as part of any Win95/98 setups, but is included on the Windows 95 and 98 CDs. On the Win95 CD, look in the \Admin\Apptools\Poledit folder (where is the drive letter for your CD drive). On the Win98 CD, look in the \Tools\Reskit\Netadmin\Poledit folder.

Here is a link URL to a site that will get you started on the right direction (no spaces between characters):

I hope this helps!

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by sachin In reply to Disable Internet Explorer

You can disable Internet Explorer by using Tweak UI

Download this
file and GO.....

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by saihib In reply to Disable Internet Explorer

Cut and paste the iexplore.exe file to a different location on the hard drive of each machine. In other words, hide it. You can always put it back after the user gets fired.

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to Disable Internet Explorer

Give them a limited account and a firewall (such as Zone Alarm) set to lock out all Internet traffic

OR if they want to act like 'children', treat them as such with

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