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Disable NetBIOS and SMB to protect public Web servers

By freshuan ·
on 5/8/06 i received the following titled techrepublic article:
"Disable NetBIOS and SMB to protect public Web servers."
by Michael Mullins CCNA, MCP 4/27/06

i was/am particularly interested in the attractiveness of the security measures mentioned in the article.

most importantly, i have been experiencing system crashes, identified as, being the result of "Nbt.sys driver," problems.

in my infinite stupidity, i raced to make these changes, on both my desktop and my laptop; rather than using my brain and trying the changes on just one of my computers to see how the changes affected performance.

imagine my surprise, when after making these changes, i was unable to connect to the internet, didn't even have an ip address any more.

consequently my question, my need for help, revolves around how to undo the changes i made, by following the instructions in the article; and still have a functioning computer, able to access the internet, send emails, etc. (and/or, what additional steps i needed to, but didn't know, i should take to have these tweaks work correctly and effectively; as the attractiveness of, the security measures and the hope that this suggested tweak will prevent my "crash" problems, remains).

fyi, i am relatively new to the computer world (8/03). i have never taken any formal classes (and i realize, with this posting; it shows); but i spend a lot of time emailing, browsing the internet, and "tinkering."

while i learn much through this practice, i also get myself into trouble, frequently; trouble that, as in this case, can cost me valuable time, as this example demonstrates, since i don't have ability, now, to access the internet with my computers.

fortunately i have been smart enough to stay out of tinkering with the "registry."

i have attempted system restore, with no success.

i have gone into device manager, expanded "non plug and play drivers, and after right clicking on NetBIOS over Tcpip, and selecting enable; i am prompted to direct my system to the driver needed for re-installation; AND I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO FIND THAT DRIVER, so i have been unable to re-install it.

similarly, when trying to re-install drivers, in the properties section of my "LAN"; I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR THE NEEDED DRIVERS, and thus can't re-install them.

anyone, with any experience in this area, who would be kind enough to help me out here, will instantly become "my hero!"

seriously, thanks, in advance, for any help, anyone, out there is willing to provide.



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