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disable on/off switch

By jarif93 ·
does anyone know how to disable the on/off switch on a PC. this is to stop people restarting PCs on a network.

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disable on/off switch

by TheChas In reply to disable on/off switch

Assuming that you have ATX style PCs, you can often disable the switch function (other than turn on) in BIOS settings under power management.

If that is not good enough, you could wire a small relay in series with the switch.
Wire the switch through the normally closed contacts on the relay.
Wire the coil power to either +12 or +5 on a drive power connector.

A source for small relays is

If you need a detailed schematic, you can e-mail me via peer mail, or

Other options:

Replace the standard switch with a key-switch.

Disconnect the power switch, and set power options to turn on after power interruption.

For an AT style PC, you either need to permanently wire the power on, or use akey-switch.


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disable on/off switch

by gtabbut In reply to disable on/off switch

Try removing a two wire connector from your Lan card to your motherboard. You'll have to open your pc to do this.

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disable on/off switch

by seandurcan In reply to disable on/off switch

I'm with answer 2!! That, and add an electric current to a node on the power switch, 240 volt should work it!! It's a kind of deterent!!!!

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