disable or lock usb port

By aries ·
hi to all,

Is there anyone who can help me, how to disable or lock my usb port in my computer, aside from disabling in Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus Controller..???

thnks guys

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Well depending on what you have

by OH Smeg In reply to disable or lock usb port

You could disable the USB Ports in BIOS.

Other than asking how to disable the USB Port I'm not really sure what you want to do here is it to just disable 1 USB Port or to stop this port being access by others while the remaining USB Ports are left working or to prevent a certain type of device being connected or what?

We also need to know what you have in the way of a computer and what Software you are using so which version of Windows do you have as I'm assuming that when you made mention of Device Manager you are not referring to anything but a Windows OS. I hope anyway.

Then if you want to disable this locally or from a server. If it is a server we need to know what server type is being used which Server OS is in use and what is used in the way of Network Security.


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Disable Locally

by aries In reply to Well depending on what yo ...

yes' i know also how to disable in BIOS but the thing is, if you removed the batery from the motherboard the configuration will be lost...

if you have any idea or way how to disable usb port in local computer please help me, because i want to prevent other user to insert usb stick, its giving me always copying some important files and transfering virus to computer...

thanks a lot..

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Well again it depends on what you have

by OH Smeg In reply to Disable Locally

A NB doesn't have a BIOS Battery these are expensive and wear out so they fit a Smart Socket to the NB's M'Board. This can not be removed to reset the Bios. You can also lock a Desktop case to prevent anyone opening it. So the BIOS Setting again isn't important particularly if a BIOS Password is involved. But again this depends on the Hardware that you have some BIOS Passwords stop the system from starting and some stop the user from entering BIOS.

I would do this in a Work Environment by placing a setting in AD or GP on the server but as I don't have any idea what is involved where you are I really can not suggest anything more that may be helpful.


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Message has been deleted.

by javier.arrospide In reply to disable or lock usb port

Hello at one point it was explained to us that one could recommend a solution if some one asked for it.
We did that.
Why have our posting been deleted?

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That was better ;-)

by IC-IT In reply to Message has been deleted.

And a generous offer. :-)

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Thanks for your support

by javier.arrospide In reply to That was better ;-)

Hello bwilmot thanks for the support.
Well, it did not last long.
the posting was deleted.
Maybe a "big pockets poor product" competitor complained instead of presenting their products against ours.
Be as it may, If the person that made the original question requires an answer to his question I still think that to that question, our product is the best answer

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It has nothing to do with.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thanks for your support

... "big pockets poor product".

This is a public IT forum, not a classified ads bulletin board where vendors can post links to their products and use the space for free.

If you wish to advertise your product, then pay for your advertising space like every other company you see on this site.

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Hope thats just you opinion,

by javier.arrospide In reply to It has nothing to do with ...

I'll reserve my answer; you would never understand what our company is about.

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I think Javier was right

by IC-IT In reply to It has nothing to do with ...

I read his post three times trying to decide whether to hit the button. I finally decided it was on target for the question.

Also remember a few months ago when he got blasted for posting an ad type discussion forum post. He returned and had a good discussion with members.

Ah well, that is the tough thing about forums; we all have opinions. :-)

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