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disable printers in terminal services

By globalsocialite ·
By default, Remote Desktop installs (or tries to install) your
local printer to the server when you logon. I know the user
can uncheck that option in the Remote Desktop config, but
where can I force servers NOT to install printers during
terminaling on the server side?

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Terminal Services Configuration

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to disable printers in termi ...

Go into RDP properties
Go into Client Settings

You'll see the appropriate check box(es)

I'm sure there is also a group/user policy for this that you can apply...but that is universal, whereas, the TSC is server specific (you may have reason to disallow printers on one server...perhaps one that stores secure opposed to another...such as one for just productivity apps).

Hope this helps!

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by globalsocialite In reply to Terminal Services Configu ...

Yes. Thats gonna do the job. I was looking for a group policy or something. But this will do.

I also have them set up the same config change on the remote desktop side when logging in


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by albion8 In reply to Terminal Services Configu ...

That doesnt make sense, you mean run mstsc on the server, then configure that to not map printers? That wouldnt prevent users from mapping their own printers to the server if they connected. I am looking to stop ALL users, admins included, from mapping printers to the server.

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