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    Disable Taskbar in Win XP


    by naderihadi ·


    We run a small network in our company, with one server running SBS 2003 and clients running XP proffessional.

    I have been told by my manager now that we need 2 computers at our security reception to just load a predefined website which will only show them the announcements. all other programmes should not accessible.

    I am now wondering how could it be done. Presumenbly once they log in they should not see the taskbar or at least the start button. Then IE should open with the site we want them to see. How could this be done? Is it through GPO, regedit, maybe a logon script?

    Thanks for any helps in advance

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      by naderihadi ·

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      Kiosk Mode

      by bizzo ·

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      You could try runing the machine in kiosk mode:

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        Lol that’s easy to defeat

        by slayer_ ·

        In reply to Kiosk Mode

        Press Windows key, type explorer
        DONE defeated 🙂

        Wait does windows key still load taskman if explorer not running? Or was that a 9x thing? Meh, control + alt + delete 🙂

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          by shasca ·

          In reply to Lol that’s easy to defeat

          Didn’t see your suggested solution. just a worthless snide comment.

          Kiosk mode works real well on our P.O.S. devices used throughout our remote vendors sites.
          We have the luxury of having touchscreens, and no keyboard. We also disabled combo keys and also hid the start menu, and taskbar, run etc..

          The mentioned request is for company devices. I would assume there is policy that would handle miscreants,that do as you suggest.
          Once agin no

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          Yes, is of course fixable

          by slayer_ ·

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          You could prevent what I just described using group policy if you so felt like it. It’s really a good idea though, I had never thought of it before.

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      Another option

      by ic-it ·

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      by ken ·

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      There is probably ways using the policies etc but I used this on a library public computer and it works great

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      Manuplate the Internet Kiosk

      by naderihadi ·

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      Thank you for all the replies. I couldn’t imagin I had 7 replies just under 24 hours.
      The Internet kiosk was the best Idea. I managed to up and run it.
      Now for my own knowledge, I want to know how can i make the address bar available to viewes. I won’t need it for our reception, but if we ever want to make an Internet Cafe available, they would need to access the address toolbar. how could it be done.

      Thank you ever so much

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