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    Disable TCP port range


    by dejan ·

    I would like to use one program (Age of Kings) through the firewall (NAT). I know that it’s using ports 2300-2400 (DirectPlay)and that Zone Client is using ports 28800-28900. It’s not complicated for me to map those ports on my router so it could work, but I can’t use two programs, on two computers, at the same time.
    If I map the ports:
    2300-2350 and 28800-28850 towards the computer
    and ports
    2351-2400 and 28851-28900 towards the computer
    I have to forbid those computers to use ports that don’t belong to them. I assume that it’s possible to define in registry, but I don’t know which key should I write, and how should it strictly look like.

    Please, could you send me an example of the key that should be written in registry.

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      Disable TCP port range

      by dmiles ·

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      The Registry Key you are looking for will be;

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