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    disable video in internet explorer


    by ldap_pro ·

    hi all

    on my network i would like to prevent users
    from seeing any video or audio.
    i see the option under advance -> multimedia
    but i think it is just for automatic option.

    is there is a way’ without any expence?


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      Reply To: disable video in internet explorer

      by faradhi ·

      In reply to disable video in internet explorer

      Assuming that you want to block streaming video and audio, the best answer would be to block the streaming audio and video ports at your firewall. Actually, all ports should be blocked except the ones that are needed.

      Also, if your firewall can, block the download of video and audio extensions at the firewall. Some firewalls can and others cannot.

      You could try to uninstall the windows media player and prevent users from installing any programs.

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