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    Disable Virtual Memory….


    by myndebox ·

    Ive been trying to cut down on what windows needs to load but I cant seem to get it to go any faster. My registry is cleaned up of unnecessary startup items, startup folder is empty. Entire Disk is indexed and defragged, chkdsk’d. im running a 2.4GHZ athlon xp with 512mb of ddr 266, (UATA100 8mb, 7200, 80GB),Albatron Kx266 Pro . I dont have an extra HD to maove the swap to. I am looking to buy more ram and figured if I can get windows and startup items into ram instead of the swap file, it would run quicker. Anyone do this before or have any ideas? No OC, ram cant handle it.

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      1 GB RAM for workstations is good

      by stress junkie ·

      In reply to Disable Virtual Memory….

      My two most recently built computers both have 1 GB of RAM. Most people will say that 512 MB is enough memory for a workstation. I disagree. Both of my newer computers run both W2K and Linux. These computers never swap. I love it! My W2K pagefiles are 1 Gb on each machine. My Linux swap partitions are 1 GB on each machine. The OSs never use them. The software runs very well. Both machines are very ‘perky’. So I highly recommend 1 GB of memory for workstations.

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