disable windows firewall on a remote machine

By miro-125 ·
I had a problem with a remote machine in my domain. to sole that problem I had to disjoin that remote machine from my domain using the remote desktop. that remote machine asked me to restart to complete dis joining. then I tried to connect to that machine again to re-join it my domain I discovered that the windows firewall is closed.
and I am so far from that remote machine and I am in need to disable the windows firewall so I could reconnect it again using VNC or remote desktop whatever to re join it again. what should I do?

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is it credentials that is the problem?

by CG IT In reply to disable windows firewall ...

once you disjoin the machine from the domain, local security policies are the only ones that get applied. Disjoining the client from the domain shouldn't change the Windows Firewall default settings and if remote desktop is enabled, you should be able to gain access using the local machine administrators account.

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May need to log off Domain

by ugadata In reply to is it credentials that is ...

If access continues to be denied, It may help to try logging out from the domain and log in using the local admin account (non-domain) and see if that helps any.

It may also help to be part of the same workgroup as the remote PC in question.

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does it mean that there is no other way?

by miro-125 In reply to is it credentials that is ...

does that mean that no way even using some script or CMD comand line to change the status of the windows firewall remotly ?
I must be on that machine but noting could be helpfull remotly in that case?

that mean I should travel man

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does it mean that there is no other way ?

by miro-125 In reply to is it credentials that is ...

does it mean there is no other reply even using some script or a cmd command line to re open the windows firewall?

should I be in the site in that case?

if I should that will mean that I have to travel

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Can you manage the machine remotely,

by TonytheTiger In reply to disable windows firewall ...

then stop the firewall?

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misunderstanding about "local"

by ugadata In reply to disable windows firewall ...

When I say logon to the local administrator account, I did mean you had to be sitting at the machine in question.

I meant more in the logon to machine A as a local admin to machine A then try to remote admin machine B. Because you have a DOMAIN and the remote machine is no longer part of the DOMAIN, the DOMAIN ADMINISTRATOR no longer hold any sway as far as machine B is concerned.

Ideally the local admin account (username/password) is the same on both machines.

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the solution

by leo_n2s In reply to disable windows firewall ...

I think you are looking for this answer.. it might be a bit late, but i just had the same problem... and could solve it... the commands are; juts type the following in CMD prompt:

netsh firewall set service type = REMOTEADMIN mode = disable scope = CUSTOM addresses =

change the address to the machine u wanna manipulate...

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It does not seem to work

by vadodsantos In reply to the solution

From what I have learnt on Internet so far, it seems to have a solution only from group policy if the machine belongs to a domain.

Otherwise, Windows firewall blocks all the remote access I know to take control of the machine in a regular way. I can't even know its IP address through ping over its name because the command is blocked.

I am looking for a similar solution. Could you please explain better your idea ?

Thank you,


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this changes firewall settings in your local machine

by DanHL In reply to the solution

The implementation of this command will only disable Remote Administration in your local firewall settings.

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