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    Disabled Facebook ad account

    by hannalarsson982 ·

    We have had our ad account disabled for our fb page. Asked for a review and got denied. When contacting business support they say we have 159 rejected ads. We have not in total created 159 ads, and every ad we have created has been approved and then runned, all except ONE that was rejected over a year ago due to the new rules of social and political campaigns, it was fixed. We cannot see the 159 rejected ads and have not received any notifications about them. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have suggestions on how to resolve it?

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      How did you contact Facebook about this ?

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Disabled Facebook ad account

      Did you email or call their customer support ?? I suggest you send a physical letter to them that requires a signature by the person receiving it. There is nothing anyone on an internet forum can do to resolve this issue. Make sure you request for a a list of rejected ads along with a breakdown on how you broke their rules. Make it clear that you had not received notification of such violations. I hope you get this resolved favorably and update us on what happens.

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        Physical letter

        by hannalarsson982 ·

        In reply to How did you contact Facebook about this ?

        Thank you for your reply, first we asked for a review of their decision and sent in required official papers for the company. Upon review the ad account remain closed. I contacted the business support chat to try to find out what happened and how to move forward. It was at this point I found out about the 159 rejected ads (we have not even created 159 ads). According to them the review I asked for made the ad account permanently closed and they cannot do anything about it.
        What I’m trying to find out if any one has been in a similar position and managed to resolve it. Maybe your way, sending them a physical letter, could work, does anyone have any experience of contacting FB this way?
        Thanks again!

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      Common Issue Lately

      by aidanseo ·

      In reply to Disabled Facebook ad account

      While I don’t run any Facebook Ads myself currently, I have heard lots of discussion on marketing discussion platforms revolving around this issue.

      So, whatever consolation it may be, it seems you are not alone facing this problem. I hope you get it resolved in a timely manner!

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      Facebook ad account discussion

      by alexmerchant ·

      In reply to Disabled Facebook ad account

      I see many users experienced the same thing. Definitely, no other person helps you better than Facebook Ads Team. As per my understanding, you can go ahead and ask Facebook Team for a detailed explanation of rejection and the list of Ads that are rejected. In case if they do not provide a clear detailed explanation, feel free to escalate the issue with Facebook Ads Team.
      I generally follow for Marketing related Information, hope this helps you too.

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      Help Center

      by coin123 ·

      In reply to Disabled Facebook ad account

      I also run Facebook Ads, but never have this problem. Have you contacted the help center? Maybe some mistakes happened. Hope this helps you.

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