Disabled Keyboard Driver

By krd67 ·
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My OS Wins 10 Pro Ver 20h2....something keeps disabling my keyboard driver and it shows up in Device Mgr. as error code #32. How can you go about tracing the source of this and locating it in the Registry. I have tried numerous steps to try and correct it but to no avail. I believe it is a software problem within the Wins Registry.Hope someone can advise me .
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Re:Device manager error #32

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Disabled Keyboard Driver

You tried all 9 solutions in ?

The registry is only a database, it doesn't contain software so it can't be a software problem in the registry. Most likely a driver issue.

If no luck, tell more about your PC or laptop, the keyboard and the driver. Did you happen to do a driver update (either yourself or allow Windows Update to do it). Any change in hardware or software that might have caused it?

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Error Code # 32

by krd67 In reply to Re:Device manager error # ...

Hi sorry for responding back so late. I did have "track discussion" chk'd off but didn't get any notification there had been a reply,so decided to chk the forum directly.Thx for trying to explain my question as it related to the Registry. The reason I mentioned registry is I was considering it a part of the Windows software.I did however do the
"reg edits" as outlined from thegeekpage and they did not enabled the driver. The solution was to do a "Reset" and the kyb driver was enabled.I have narrowed the problem down to when I do a Wins Update and it includes a "cummulative u/d" it disables my kyb driver. Have spoken with Msft. Tech ppl several times they acknowledge the problem say a "patch" will be released for a permanent fix,but that has not happened yet.If the "registry"records that a driver is abled then when it becomes disabled why can the relative "key" not be edited to enable it ?

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Re: driver disabled

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Error Code # 32

Windows update has an setting to NOT do driver updates. That's the setting we recommend, but alas not the default setting.

In Windows 10 Pro and higher, you can set this via a policy. In Windows 10 Home you have to do it with regedit. Easy to find when you google WINDOWS 10 DISABLE DRIVER UPDATES .

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Error Code # 32

by krd67 In reply to Re: driver disabled

Thx Kees.....I will make the setting change as described and see if that keeps my kyb driver from disabling.

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error code #32

by Naheed Mir In reply to Disabled Keyboard Driver

The error code #32 that is shows up in Device Manager means that the driver has been disabled. For a solution, you should try installing the driver manually. If you are still unsuccessful then I will suggest restoring your windows to the previous point.

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