Disabled my video card controller and now blackscreened

By k_joy_payton ·
Help, I'm an idiot.

We got a few donated PC's in this week and the display is horrible... looks like a bad driver? controller? at any rate, the graphics card has NO stats... no trademark... DirectX gave me a big NADA on make model etc.

So, I disabled(yes I now know this is stupid) the "unknown" graphics controller which resulted in a reboot. Now the machine boots to black... the only video output is the windows startup screen... I think the computer is in fact working... but I can't see anything. I tried safe mode bootup but all I get is a blinking cursor. Enabling VGA doesn't work, it just boots to black.

This is a mystery machine, it has WinXP and God knows what else... no disks, no docs. My next step, since my F8 options don't seem to work, is to pull the HD out, put it in a different machine (with different graphics card) and hope to God it works, then from there reactivate the blessed controller that halfway works. Before I go to gutting various computers and making things worse, any ideas?
PS the graphics card looks integrated.

Joy Payton, aci

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Try this...

Pull out the "bios" battery, wait 15 seconds (clock seconds, just in case someone counts tooo fast). Then replace the battery, go into the bios and select "load default settings", then before you reboot go to the section where the onboard graphic card is and select it to "Enable" and then "save and Exit". Make sure all of the disks are completely wiped so there are no traces of anyones files or folders, just incase there are somethings on the drives that should not be there.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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Oh, to get your motherboard drivers....

Go here:

This will show you what you have on board your computer, motherboard, processor, memory and other things.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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in my bios, but not sure where to "enable"

by k_joy_payton In reply to Try this...

Thanks Peconet,

I pulled the BIOS battery and replaced it... now I'm in the BIOS setup but the only thing I see for my video/graphics card is the "Advanced" menu, "Video Configuration" submenu, which gives me the option to choose between PCI and Integrated as my Primary Video Adapter. Is this what you mean, or is there something else that allows me to "enable"?


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Yes that is it..

Just make sure that it is "enabled". Locate the "on board videocard" and then select "enable".
Then "save and exit", this will reboot your computer and then you should see all is well.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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still not working...

by k_joy_payton In reply to Yes that is it..

This is the menu I have under "Video Configuration":

AGP Aperture Size
-- currently 64 Meg
Primary Video Adapter
--(choice of PCI or Integrated)
-- no "enable", just a choice of the 2
Frame Buffer Size
-- currently 1 Meg

when I choose Integrated, save and exit, I have the same problem ... the startup window (black screen with windows logo) appears, but after that, nothing. Interestingly I cannot enter safe mode, either. Any ideas? I could pull a video card from another PC and temporarily install it in a PCI slot... Thanks for your patience and help!


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by PC-guru In reply to Disabled my video card co ...

if its pci or agp remove it and reinsert it
if not try removing the cmos battery for 1 min. or run a repair install of xp

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solved... reinstalled XP

by k_joy_payton In reply to Disabled my video card co ...

Solved the darned thing by reinstalling the OS... "found" an install disk among the donated goods... thanks everyone for your support...

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