Disabled video in bios, please, please help!!!

By DTarantini1 ·
how stupid am i, i disabled the video card in the bios. now i just hear three loud beeps on my laptop and thats all. the screen does not come on at all. there were different settings in the bios for the virtual ram for the video card and i selected disable because i thought it was inteferring with the booting up of my attempting to install linux. I try to access the bios blind by pressing f10 continuously, all it does it restart my computer. i can however get vista to boot up, blind, but of no help.
Did i really screw up or what. someone please help me!!

is there any way to reset the bios someway???

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Reset the BIOS

by Kenone In reply to Disabled video in bios, p ...

It's usually a jumper that you move from one position to another. Or remove the battery, wait a bit, replace it and replug and restart the machine.

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Please post

by cmiller5400 In reply to Disabled video in bios, p ...

Please post the make and model of your laptop. This will SIGNIFICANTLY help us find a solution to your problem!!!

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reset BIOS

by vbiaka In reply to Disabled video in bios, p ...

Some Mother Boards have CMOS clear jumper
near battery by which you can clear the BIOS.
Or you can remove the battery for long time
to reset the BIOS (depends on the company of
the board of course)

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