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    Disabling global hotspare from a Raid configuration


    by dkwaczala ·

    I am using a two channel raid controller. I have two mirrored o/s drives on channel 1 and 6 raid 5 drives w/hotspare on channel 2. I want the hotspare to work with only channel 2’s drives and not channel 1. Is there a way to configure this.

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      What type of Card

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to Disabling global hotspare from a Raid configuration

      PERC ???
      SmartStart Array Controller?

      Once you specify a HotSpare, what ever channel it’s on is the one it will be used for.

      So the question is, do you really have a dual channel card, or did you just create 2 raid sets on the same channel.

      If you have a dual channel, you will know it by the fact that on the back of the card you will see 2 adapters. And on the card itself you should see 2 seperate places to plug in your cables. And they will not be a different type, ie if it’s lvd you will see 2 lvd connections.

      If you only see one, then you have a single channel card, but you have 2 raid sets configured, which is perfectly legal. But the HotSpare belongs to the channel, not the raid set.

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